LibermanFlash 90

Hello Evik -

Do you know, Evik, I remember everything about our friendship.

How you came to us, the Russian immigrants who preceded you in arriving in Israel, we who were living in Jerusalem, to make a phone call from our information center about the state of Soviet Jewry

Then you went up in the ranks of Israeli decision makers, but you did not forget your old friends.

How you arranged a monthly allowance for the old refusniks who had been imprisoned in Russia for trying to go to Israel, something none of "our" ministers thought of doing.

How you pushed to fund the pensions for Prisoners of Zion (Edik Kuznetsov told me about it).

How we organized a Pesach Seder demonstration in the southern Har Homa neighborhood of Jerusalem to get then Mayor Ehud Olmert to start building a residential area that protects Jerusalem from Arab infiltration from Bethlehem.

How you asked me to gather Russian speakers in Gush Katif to organize your speech to the press before the 2005 expulsion of Jews from the bloc.

You tried to convinced me [to join you politically], saying I would be a Member of Knesset from the Yisrael BaAliyah (IB) Party (then it was a different party, before Yisrael Beytenu was formed). Our contacts continued after the late Yuri Stern passed the leadership on to you from Sharansky.

After the death of the late Yuri, you undertook to complete what Yuri had begun - to make me the representative of the Russians in the Chief Rabbinate. Unfortunately, members of the religious Zionist Jewish Home -Bayit Yehudi - party challenged these plans.

Evik, you have a lot of power now! Politics is a complicated business. But now that you are no longer dependent on others, I expect you to return to being the friend you were formerly, the figure whom we all respected.

I expect you to enact your once-suggested laws such as the one saying that every citizen is obliged to swear allegiance to the Jewish state. You demanded the death penalty for terrorists. You did not attack the haredim then, you attacked our enemies.

Your old friends want to see you coming back the way you were, an energetic Jewish warrior for an independent and strong Jewish State. And since this is a Jewish State, please help the teachers among us spread Jewish Education among former Russian- Soviet citizens.

Respectfully yours,

Josef Mendelevich..