Naftali Bennett
Naftali BennettYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is expected to request to increase hospitals' capacity as an alternative to announcing a lockdown.

According to previous reports, the hospitals' maximum capacity is 1,200 seriously ill coronavirus patients. Currently, there are 394 seriously ill coronavirus patients, and the number is expected to rise rapidly, in line with the increased infection rate.

A News 12 report said that the benchmark for declaring a lockdown would be 600-700 serious coronavirus cases. This would not prevent maximum capacity from being reached, but it is expected to prevent the hospitals from being overwhelmed beyond capacity.

On Tuesday afternoon, Bennett called an emergency meeting to discuss the sharp rise in the number of new coronavirus infections.

On Monday, Bennett ordered both the Police Commissioner and the Public Security Minister to increase enforcement of the coronavirus rules, even at the expense of other tasks. Following this instruction, approximately 1,600 police officers were deployed around Israel to enforce the rules.