MK Yuval Steinitz of the Likud party has rejected criticism being leveled at his party’s leader, former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, for having posted a video clip of him making a call during Shabbat to congratulate Israeli gymnast Linoy Ashram on her Olympic win.

“I don’t see any problem with congratulating sports competitors on Shabbat,” Steinitz said in an interview on Radio 103 FM. “Anyone who isn’t religious or haredi travels on Shabbat and talks on the phone on Shabbat. To my mind, this is simply being excessively sensitive and all the fuss being made is out of place.”

Switching topics to the continued spread of the coronavirus, Steinitz said, “In order to encourage people to get vaccinated, I would change the law such that anyone who isn’t vaccinated should be barred entry to Ben Gurion airport and also banned from any form of public transportation.”

Steinitz blamed the government for the current situation, saying, “This is all happening because they didn’t make decisions a month and a half ago, and now we’re liable to end up very soon with a general lockdown. What a shame this had to happen, and all because the government wanted to be nice and because there’s no real leadership.”