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The Israeli aviation company Israir is to launch a new campaign encouraging Israeli citizens to get vaccinated against the coronavirus, offering monetary rewards for first, second, and third doses of the vaccine.

Anyone who goes to get vaccinated this week, from today (Sunday) until August 14th will receive a $180 discount on an Israir flight. The sum of 180 dollars is being billed by the company as “10 times chai,” since the letters חי that spell “chai—life” have a numerical value of 18.

Flight tickets can be booked to any destination that Israir flies to, including destinations from which Israelis are not required to enter quarantine when they return home, such as Montenegro, Belgrade, Baku, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Bucharest, Split, and Marrakech. The tickets can be used up till the end of 2021.

The discount offer is only valid for roundtrip (return) tickets newly purchased this week on the airline’s website, from Sunday through Saturday night, or until tickets run out.

In order to receive the discount, the person purchasing the tickets must provide proof (via a special token) that those for whom the tickets are being purchased are vaccinated against coronavirus.

When arriving at the airport in order to board, travelers must present an official document, printed out, attesting to their vaccinated status. If they fail to do so, they will be obligated to pay the $180 that was discounted from their ticket price before being permitted to board their flight.