Coronavirus test
Coronavirus testDavid Cohen/Flash90

A total of 3,421 new coronavirus cases were diagnosed Wednesday, marking the third consecutive day since early March that the numbers have reached that level.

Israel now has 25,463 active coronavirus cases, and 460 hospitalized coronavirus patients. Of those hospitalized, 241 coronavirus patients are in serious condition, and 66 are in critical condition. Fifty-one patients are intubated.

The average age of the seriously ill patients is 72.7 years, and 52.2% of the seriously ill patients have a pre-existing condition. The ages of those who are seriously ill with coronavirus range from 23 to 99 years.

Since the start of the pandemic, 6,503 people have died of coronavirus, including 26 so far this week.

On Wednesday, 116,089 coronavirus tests were performed, and 3.28% of results were positive.

Under the "Traffic Light" tracking plan, 20 localities in Israel have been declared "red," meaning the rate of coronavirus infections is very high. Another 50 localities are "orange," 75 are "yellow," and 135 are considered "green," meaning the rate of infection in that locality is nonexistent to negligible.