The Mercer Street, a Japenese-owned, Israeli-managed ship, was attacked near Oma
The Mercer Street, a Japenese-owned, Israeli-managed ship, was attacked near OmaJohan Victor/Handout via REUTERS

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab on Wednesday called on the United Nations Security Council to respond to last week's deadly tanker attack off the coast of Oman in which two people were killed, Reuters reported.

"The Council must respond to Iran’s destabilizing actions & lack of respect for international law," Raab said on Twitter, referencing a letter sent to the UN Security Council on Tuesday signed by Britain and other nations.

In a later tweet, Raab noted that he had spoken with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken about the attack on the Israeli-managed ship.

“The UK & US are united in our condemnation of Iran’s attack on MV Mercer Street off the coast of Oman. I spoke to Secretary Blinken about the situation & need for Iran to stop its destabilizing behavior,” he wrote.

“We continue to work together to protect international peace & security,” added Raab.

On Sunday, Britain condemned Iran and accused it of carrying out Friday’s deadly attack, saying it has concluded that Iran is likely to blame for the drone bombing.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson later said that Iran must face up to the consequences of the attack.

"Iran should face up to the consequences of what they've done. This was clearly an unacceptable and outrageous attack on commercial shipping," the British Prime Minister told reporters.

"A UK national died. It is absolutely vital that Iran and every other country, respects the freedoms of navigation around the world and the UK will continue to insist on that," he added.

A spokesman for Iran's Foreign Ministry on Monday vehemently denied claims that his country was behind the attack.

The spokesman called the accusations "baseless and provocative," and warned that Iran would respond to any retaliatory action against it, "immediately and determinedly".