An online anti-Semitism watchdog group has reported the director of a British charity to the Charity Commission after discovering posts in which he allegedly wrote that “terrorists founded Israel” and described Zionism as “evil,” reported the Jewish Chronicle.

Gnasher Jew, a Twitter account used by four anonymous Jews who investigate and expose anti-Semitism, tweeted that they were “astonished” when they discovered that Hugh Jaeger was a director and trustee of Bus Users UK, a transportation charity that serves to make public transit “accessible and inclusive.”

They tweeted, “We are astonished that this man is a director of any charity, let alone one that prides itself on inclusivity.”

Gnasher Jew accused the charity director of having a “track record of anti-Semitism” and posted multiple examples of his tweets, including calling Israel a “racist state” and writing, “Palestinians strive for freedom. Terrorists founded Israel by massacres and ethnic cleansing to steal Palestine. State terrorists who massacre, steal land, apply apartheid, murder children and commit war crimes have ruled Israel ever since.”

They further pointed to a Twitter post where Jaeger called Israel a “racist endeavour” and noted that he wrote in 2019, “In 1948 Zionists copied the Nazis to liquidate several villages.”

They also took note of a series of controversial, extreme anti-Israel cartoons Jaeger posted.

Jaeger responded to Gnasher Jew, writing on Twitter that Gnasher Jew had blocked him and were running a “smear campaign from behind a block” that was “below the belt.”

He also wrote, “And so it is targeting my charity colleagues, in the hope of damaging either me, them or both.”

According to the Chronicle, Jaeger wrote in a 2019 blog post, “Israel and its supporters will do anything, however unscrupulous, to discredit and destroy supporters of Palestine.”