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Transitioning from high-school to college can be overwhelming, especially without constant support. You need to get accustomed to the changes in your life. You need to learn how to deal with other types of responsibilities, constant work, tons of writing assignments, and a different social life. All of these combined can be a lot to handle, so you need the support of your community.

If you grew up in a Jewish family, you might want to spend some time around people with whom you share the same values. If the context changes too abruptly, you might become discouraged and end up disappointed in college life altogether. Attending a Jewish college is a great idea to help smooth this transition.

Why should I attend a Jewish college?

There are many reasons to attend a Jewish college. Here are just some of them. If there’s more you want to add, feel free to shoot us a message.

Ethics. Jewish ethics are absolutely outstanding, we all know that. Learning how to properly behave and report to life is important. College can be tricky, especially when you’re so far from your family. Learning how to keep the family tradition alive is therefore very important. A Jewish college will teach you that.

Community. As I said before, attending a Jewish college helps you immerse yourself easier in the college community. That’s because you will meet students who grew up in the same manner you did, so making new connections feels more natural.

Great Curriculum. Jewish schools are not your typical schools. They include both the arts and sciences and dive deeper into the knowledge of the world.

Social Responsibility. You will focus on both your soul and curriculum. Non-Jewish colleges tend to focus solely on one. Jewish colleges focus on both. Developing a sense of social responsibility is crucial to the future of our world.

Change. Most Jewish colleges highlight change as one of their first core values, which means active behavior, which means accepting what is yet changing the world for the better. This is highly important to learn.

Best Jewish Colleges to Attend

1. Washington University in St. Louis

Founded in 1853, the Washington University in Missouri is your go-to. The school welcomes more than 120 nationalities and prides itself on the Jewish program they’ve developed. This is a great school for everything, including law, business, medicine, etc. The coolest thing about it: taking study abroad trips to countries of your choice. Picking one of their specialized classes in Jewish, Islamic, and Middle Eastern Studies.

2. Vanderbilt University

This is not a college easy to get into, but it’s worth a shot. Situated in Tennessee, the Jewish student body comprises around 15% of the college’s entire student population. If you wish to meet other Jewish-minded students, this is the place. The coolest thing about Vanderbilt is that it features the Jewish Law Association of Middle Tennessee and it has its own Jewish Studies department.

3. Duke University

This university situated in North Carolina is definitely worth your time. Its student body is diverse, including numerous Jewish students. Duke University features a Center for Jewish Studies and it’s got an official Jewish Law Alumni community for you to explore post-graduation. The students enrolled at Duke help international students succeed across the globe, so many of them work for Edubirdie, an international writing service. Instead of seeing students wondering who can do my assignment for me, professional writers at Edubirdie take care of any issue students might be experiencing, helping them succeed in anything they aim for.

4. Princeton University

You’ve already heard about Princeton University, as we all have, so you don’t need to hear a long description about it. Princeton is the way to go as a Jewish student, since they offer tons of classes in Judaic studies. They also hold dining services on campus to provide Jewish students with kosher food options.

5. University of Southern Cali

Located on the West Coast, the University of Southern Cali is another great choice. They feature a Hillel, which helps Jewish students feel more included in the community. They also offer many scholarships to Jewish students.

6. Cornell University

Cornell University is an outstanding university and a great place to meet new Jewish friends. The school features a Jewish Studies program and many majors and minors in the same field. They also offer an entire residence hall to Jewish students.

Wrapping Up

Attending a Jewish school is one of the best options for you, especially if you grew up in a Jewish community. Your transition into college will happen more smoothly, while your education will be one of a kind. Besides, your social life will thrive!

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