Gilad Erdan
Gilad ErdanShahar Azran

Following the release of a UN Watch report which exposed support for terrorism and anti-Semitism among UNRWA staff, Israel's Ambassador to the United States and the United Nations Gilad Erdan sent the Secretary-General of the UN and the Commissioner-General of UNRWA harsh letters of complaint.

Ambassador Erdan also wrote a letter to the United States Ambassador to the United Nations requesting that the U.S. examine the report's findings and demand explanations from UNRWA for the serious evidence presented in the report.

The report describes the conduct of dozens of UNRWA employees in more than 100 cases in which they expressed themselves on social media in ways that incite terrorism or show support for antisemitism. One example includes a math teacher quoting Hitler in an anti-Semitic incitement video. Another includes a project engineer in Gaza proudly marking the date when the Israeli Olympic athletes were murdered in Munich.

Erdan said that "UNRWA once again proves that it is not a humanitarian organization but an organization that encourages terrorism under the auspices of UN hypocrisy. After studying the report in depth, I wrote an urgent letter to the UN Secretary-General and UNRWA with a clear demand: to immediately terminate all employees involved in the report, and to conduct an in-depth examination of other employees of the organization and to dismiss any employee who acts in a similar manner."

"I also demanded the immediate establishment of a commission of inquiry, and that all the countries that fund this despicable organization stop their funding and take action to investigate its actions. It is inconceivable that a UN-sponsored organization under the guise of humanitarian action would fund declared supporters of terrorism and antisemitism. The serious things that emerge from the report prove what is already clear: that UNRWA is a dangerous body that has no right to exist,” he added.

“I also contacted the United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, to review the findings and demand urgent explanations from the UN and UNRWA to address these serious cases," concluded Erdan.