Ebrahim Raisi
Ebrahim RaisiReuters/Majid Asgaripour/WANA

A spokesman for Israel's Foreign Ministry called the EU's decision to send its senior official and Iran Talks coordinator Enrique Mora to the inauguration ceremony of hard-line cleric Ebrhahim Raisi this week a "failure in judgement."

The official said that the EU's decision to send its representative to the ceremony inaugurating the "Butcher of Tehran" as the country's new president just days after Iran killed two civilians, one of them a citizen of an EU state, was "puzzling and indicated a lack of judgment."

"The EU's decision is especially worrisome in light of the fact that the new Iranian president has the blood of thousands of Iranian citizens on his hands provides legitimacy to Ayatollahs' repressive regime and will breed only more violence and aggression," said the official.

"We strongly urge the European Union to immediately halt its shameful participation in the inauguration ceremony of the "Butcher of Tehran," he concluded.