PFLP Gaza terrorists
PFLP Gaza terroristsFlash 90

A Spanish pro-Israel group is slamming a major regional political party for giving favorable coverage to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), which is listed as a terrorist group by the EU.

Action and Communication on the Middle East (ACOM) is filing a complaint with the Spanish public prosecutor’s office in reference to a July 25 pro-independence party that the BNG (“Galician Nationalist Bloc”), a political alliance of left-wing Galician nationalist parties, held in Santiago de Compostela where they gave “coverage and justification” to the PFLP.

Guests at the event included PFLP member Fayed Badawi as well as members of a Catalonian separatist group and a diplomatic delegation from the Venezuelan government, reported

ACOM is arguing that the event might have been illegal, “specifically for glorifying terrorism, incitement to hatred.”

“It is absolutely deplorable that a political party with institutional representation, a partner of the President of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, contributes to the justification of genocidal and Jew-hating violence that the State of Israel has had to face since the beginning of its existence,” said ACOM.

“The Jew-hating vocation of those who try to make the State of Israel disappear will find a firm answer in our trust in the Spanish Constitution and the legal initiative of the Courts of Justice that protect our democracy.”

The PFLP is also designated as a terrorist group by other countries, including the US and Canada.