R. Kanievsky today
R. Kanievsky todayצילום: אלחנן קוטלר

Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, one of the preeminent authorities of Jewish law in the Haredi world, has issued a ruling to the staff of healthcare provider Clalit's Haredi department that populations at risk must be vaccinated a third time.

Senior members of the Dan district administration and Clalit's Haredi department went to the Rabbi's house to hear his opinion regarding the third vaccine according to Jewish law.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Eyal Jacobson, Medical Director of the Dan - Petah Tikva District in Clalit, Rabbi Avraham Konsky, Director of the Haredi Department in Clalit, and Rabbi Nehemiah Blushtein, Director of the Haredi Sector in the Dan - Petah District with Bnei Brak Community Relations Manager Rabbi Yechezkel Peksher.

Rabbi Kanievsky considered the experts' opinions before issuing a ruling that people at risk are obligated to get vaccinated a third time and gave his blessing to the new vaccination campaign.

Rabbi Kanievsky's directive is in accordance with the advice of the Health Ministry and the medical community, both of which support the third vaccination for seniors and other populations at risk.