Covid testing
Covid testing Yossi Aloni/Flash90

Director General of the Ministry of Health, Prof. Nachman Ash, announced COVID infections continued to rise during a press briefing today (Monday). "The situation is of the greatest concern," said Ash, adding: "I call on everyone to adhere to life-saving guidelines."

Ash noted that about 45,000 individuals have received the third "booster" dose of the vaccine so far, and that tens of thousands more have been scheduled for the shot over the remainder of the week.

"In order to provide an effective response, our health clinics will add additional vaccination stations," he stated. "Those who have been vaccinated first and foremost protect themselves, their families, and those around them, and contribute to the fight against the outbreak of the virus. Vaccines are critical," he said.

"This was the first step we undertook following the rise of the Delta variant in order to prevent serious illness and [mass] hospitalizations. It saves lives and lowers the work load for hospital staff. The level of antibodies in the blood rises within a few days strengthening the immune system. On a national level, it will take two to three weeks to see the effect [of the third dose]."

Regarding new COVID-19 restrictions, Ash noted: "The green label went into effect about a week ago and is expected to remain for the near future, with the purpose of helping reduce morbidity."

He also pointed out that the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health are currently discussing the outline for a return to school on September 1.

“The key thing is to ensure in-person learning to the best of our ability,” he said.

The Ministry of Health reported 2,114 new infections over the past day, with the positive test rate now at 2.95%.

Since midnight last night, 847 new cases of COVID-19 have been diagnosed. The total number of active patients in the country is 19,436, including 212 in critical condition and 42 on ventilators.

A toll of 6,477 Israeli residents have died of Corona-related symptoms since the beginning of the plague.

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