Coronavirus lab at Ichilov Hospital
Coronavirus lab at Ichilov HospitalYossi Aloni/Flash90

A total of 2,260 new coronavirus cases were diagnosed Tuesday, Israel's Health Ministry reported Wednesday morning.

Across Israel, there are now 14,365 confirmed coronavirus cases. Hospitals around the country are caring for 258 coronavirus patients, 153 of whom are in serious condition.

The number of critically ill patients rose from 34 on Tuesday to 35 on Wednesday, as the number of patients on ventilators rose from 26 to 28.

Tuesday saw 105,918 coronavirus tests performed, and of the test results returned that same day, 2.38% were positive.

Meanwhile, Israel has administered the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine to 5,772,362 people, and 5,334,736 of them have received the second dose of the vaccine as well.

Thirty-three percent of Israeli youths ages 12-19 have received both doses of the vaccine, though the percent of Israeli youths who received at least one dose has risen to 41.4%.

At the same time, Israel has vaccinated approximately 2,000 people with an experimental third dose of the vaccine, and found it to be safe for use. These people are considered to be at high risk of developing complications from the virus, and include the immunocompromised and people suffering from certain medical conditions.

The Health Ministry will meet later on Wednesday to decide whether a third dose should be provided to all elderly people. If the move is approved, it is expected to be implemented next week.