Vaccination station
Vaccination stationPhoto by Tomer Neuberg/Flash90

Israel Hayom reported that according to data collected from about 2,000 Israelis who have already received the third dose of the coronavirus vaccine over the past two weeks, no abnormal adverse side effects have been detected compared to individuals who have received the initial two doses.

The data, collected from health clinics and hospitals across the country, indicates that the third, or booster dose of the vaccine is safe for use and that most minor side effects experienced following the shot, such as fever or pain in the general area where the vaccine was injected, usually pass hours or days within its application.

The third dose of the vaccine is available at the four primary health clinics and major hospitals nationwide according to special guidelines outlined by the Ministry of Health for individuals with impaired immune function (for example, people who have undergone organ transplants and cancer patients), irrespective of age.

On Tuesday, Israel's Prime Minister Naftali Bennett told staff members at the Migdal Nofim nursing home in Jerusalem that all possible steps would be taken to avoid a third lockdown.

Bennett went on to urge citizens who have yet to be vaccinated to get the shot, saying: "I am making sure that our vaccine storage rooms will be fully stocked. The public needs to go out and get vaccinated, thereby protecting not only themselves but also Grandma and Grandpa. From here, I turn to you, the young men and women of Israel: When you get vaccinated, you are protecting the entire nation of Israel.

"We have a large population of people who are not anti, but simply did not get around to it. I turn to all the young people over age 12: Protect Grandma and Grandpa. I have no doubt that we need to do this, to protect the vulnerable and to protect the economy," he said, addressing a group of teenagers in attendance.

Regarding whether a third dose of the coronavirus vaccine will be administered nationwide, Bennett said: "We are on that, we're very close, and it's best to not to talk too much about it, as that way the chances of it happening will increase. It's on me."