terrorists launch arson balloons towards Israel
terrorists launch arson balloons towards Israelצילום: מג'די פתחי/TPS

The Islamic Jihad terrorist organization has threatened that it intends to escalate the situation on the Gaza border.

Tariq Salami, a spokesman for the Islamic Jihad movement, told the Ma'an news agency that the Israeli attack last night in retaliation to the continued launching of arson balloons was a "failed attempt to improve the army's image" after Operation Guardian of the Walls.

He said, "Israel is trying to impose new rules of the game, but it will not succeed because the resistance organizations are monitoring its crimes and for them all options are open to thwart Israeli actions that violate the rights of the Palestinian people."

Salami added that the terrorist organizations had imposed new rules of the game in the last round of confrontation and that the last word would be theirs.

The Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar reported from Palestinian Arab sources that the terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip intend to work in the coming days to gradually escalate the security situation.

According to the report, the escalation will begin with the launching of explosive balloons at Israel and at the same time the terrorist organizations will consider operating additional means of applying pressure on Israel, including the resumption of disturbances along the border.