Magen David Adom coronavirus vaccination station
Magen David Adom coronavirus vaccination stationPhoto by Tomer Neuberg/Flash90

A total of 1,430 new coronavirus cases were confirmed Friday, Israel's Health Ministry said, adding that the country currently has 11,102 active cases of the virus.

Hospitalized around Israel are 169 coronavirus patients, 89 of whom are in serious condition. Fifteen of those are coronavirus patients whose condition turned serious on Saturday. Of those coronavirus patients in serious condition, 23 are in critical condition, and 18 are on ventilators - one more than on Friday.

Meanwhile, the number of coronavirus deaths has reached 6,458: Twelve people died of the virus this week, including one so far on Saturday.

On Friday, 98,128 coronavirus tests were performed, and 1.66% of test results received were positive.

Though Israel has fully vaccinated 5,292,480 of its citizens, the number of youths (10-19) who received the coronavirus vaccine has remained at around 40% after the number of youth receiving their first dose dropped drastically on July 9. Since July 11, most of the vaccines administered have been second doses.

In an effort to restart the campaign to vaccinate youth, Magen David Adom announced Saturday that on Sunday, it will set up dedicated vaccination stations around the country for the purpose of providing young people ages 12-18 with easier access to the vaccines.

Those eligible include young people who have not had the vaccine, including those who are at least three months post-recovery, and those who received their first dose at an MDA station at least 21 days ago.

The youths must come together with a parent, or bring a note allowing them to receive the vaccine, signed by one parent.