A., the father of the 10-year-old Jewish girl who was raped by Bedouin Arabs
A., the father of the 10-year-old Jewish girl who was raped by Bedouin Arabsצילום: ללא

The father whose 10-year-old daughter was raped in her bed by Bedouin Arab intruders from southern Israel participated Thursday in a tour of the Negev, along with MKs from the Land of Israel Caucus.

In his words, the father, A., blamed the government authorities for the anarchy in the Negev.

"The State of Israel has reverse racism towards its Jewish citizens," A. told Arutz Sheva. "The Arabs claim that we are an apartheid state. That's true, but only in the opposite direction. The apartheid is towards Jews. It's unthinkable that there should be quick enforcement against a Jew who moves a millimeter out of bounds, when in the Bedouin settlements the law doesn't even exist - including in so-called 'legal' settlements."

"We give them everything, and they make us into laughingstock - and we're the ones at fault, because we are racist towards ourselves and we take care to destroy our country," A. added.

"They don't ask, and we give them everything. To ourselves - we don't give anything. For ten years, I've been asking for agricultural land, and I haven't received a response, while around us the Bedouin tend, like in Colombia, fields upon fields of drugs. That's the situation in the south today."

Regarding the trial of the Bedouin who harmed his daughter, A. said: "I didn't expect justice in this trial in the first place. The State of Israel, when it comes to the issue of rapists, completely ignores and basically allows it. The chance that this person will receive an appropriate punishment is low, and even the maximum sentence is too low for such a crime. We have abandoned everything, and there's no vacuum - and crime enters that space."

"I would have preferred the trial take place according to Sharia Law, because then the rapist would have received an appropriate punishment."

In February, two masked Bedouin Arabs entered A.'s home on a Friday night and sexually assaulted his ten-year-old daughter, who was sleeping in her bedroom, which she shares with three of her siblings.

At the time, A. said: "This is the horror of horrors, a nightmare. Two masked men of death did what they did to a ten-year-old girl lying in her Shabbat (Sabbath) dress in her bed, in the safest place in the world. And you understand that if I had fired my weapon, I would be the guilty party."

"No one should be making up excuses claiming that the suspect is a kid with mental retardation and that he's just a kid. He went from bed to bed. From my perspective, this is the beginning of a world war, and we need to treat it as such. And the first thing is [to change] the open fire guidelines."