A store in an upscale neighborhood in Philadelphia is working to remove anti-Semitic graffiti from one of its outside walls.

The graffiti was discovered on the back of an AT&T store in the Center City area of downtown Philadelphia.

Two hateful statements in black spray paint were discovered on the wall: “AZAB” followed by the phrase “All Zionists are ba*****s” and “Israel isn’t real.”

The store manager told Eyewitness News that he will have the graffiti removed as soon as possible.

He said he was unsure who would be tasked with cleaning up the vandalism. However, he reiterated that he understood the seriousness of the situation.

“As the recent global surge of anti-Semitism has shown, anti-Israel incitement leads to physical attacks targeting Jews,” tweeted the Combat Antisemitism Movement advocacy organization.

Philadelphia has not been immune from the uptick in anti-Semitic incidents in recent years.

In June, a Philadelphia food organization apologized after removing an Israeli food truck from a food festival after caving into pressure from pro-Palestinian activists. It later cancelled the event after receiving a flurry of negative publicity.

In October 2020, a number of Jews who partook in a BLM protest in Philadelphia were verbally assaulted with anti-Semitic slurs.