Ben & Jerry's
Ben & Jerry'sצילום: Flash90

Yesha Council chairman Yigal Dilmoni spoke Wednesday with Rabbi Daniel Senter, the owner of the Kof-K kashrut organization which provides certification to the Ben & Jerry's ice cream brand in the US.

Dilmosi told Rabbi Senter that many kosher supermarkets and retail chains were refusing to stock Ben & Jerry's after the company announced that it would boycott Judea and Samaria. He further stated that the Yesha Council and the Israeli government would continue to fight the boycott and asked the rabbi to convey to the company management of Ben & Jerry's that they would face economic damage as a result of their decision.

Rabbi Senter thanked Dilmoni for the call and said that he would convey the message,

A number of supermarket chains have announced that they will no longer stock Ben & Jerry's products, including Glatt Express Supermarket, Seasons, Morton Williams Supermarkets, and others.

Israeli officials have called for a boycott against Ben & Jerry's overseas but for Israelis to support Ben & Jerry's Israel, the Israeli company which is licensed to produce the ice cream in Israel and which has vowed to fight the boycott of Judea and Samaria.

Kof-K is expected to release a statement on the controversy in the coming days.