I was very honored to interview Rabbi Meni Even Israel, son of Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz who left us exactly a year ago.

As we are a few days away to mark the Rabbi's yahrzeit, Rabbi Meni discussed the past year, his thoughts and feelings, and how to continue to carry his father's message into the future.

Rabbi Meni opened up about his personal thoughts and reflections on his father, but also shared exciting projects the Steinsaltz Center is working on, like the new app called the Steinsaltz app that is already available for everyone to download.

Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz's motto was "Let my people know" and his biggest dream was to allow his immense knowledge to reach everyone, everywhere. As he always said, knowledge enabled us to survive as a nation.

Rabbi Meni Even Israel is now working solely to make his father's dream come true - spreading Torah and Chassidus using technology and social media, making learning as appealing as possible and getting everyone interested in asking questions, and wanting answers - the right answers.