Matan Kahana
Matan KahanaYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Religious Affairs Minister Matan Kahana (Yamina) has just announced a reform for the kosher supervision system, and is expected to announce a reform on the issue of conversions as well.

Kan News analyst Shmuel Rosner said that similar to the kosher supervision reform, Kahana aims to change the conversion system so that conversions can be performed without the Chief Rabbinate's supervision.

According to the report, planning for this process is already at an advanced stage, and there is a chance that it will be presented to the public within the coming weeks.

Kahana's adviser, Rabbi Shai Weizman, said Wednesday morning that this was part of the coalition agreement: "According to the agreement, city rabbis will go back to performing conversions, the way they had in the 90s. The conversions will be supervised by the Prime Minister's Office, but all of the relevant bodies are working on the task."

Rabbi Weizman also discussed the possibility that the Chief Rabbinate would take part in the kosher supervision reform despite its opposition to the reform.

"It also opposed opening options for marriage registration, at the beginning," he said.