The world’s wealthiest man is set to be launched into space Tuesday, for a suborbital space flight onboard the ‘New Shepard’ spacecraft.

Jeff Bezos, founder and executive chairman of the online retailer, will join three other passengers Tuesday on the sixteenth flight of the New Shepard spacecraft.

The flight will be carried out by Bezos’ Blue Origin company, which built and operates the New Shepard craft.

Along with Bezos, the launch will include his brother Mark Bezos, 82-year-old aviator Wally Funk, and the first paying customer for Blue Origin, Oliver Daemen, the 18-year-old son of Somerset Capital Partners CEO Joes Daemen.

Tuesday’s flight will be the second launch into space by a billionaire businessman, after Richard Branson undertook a suborbital flight last Sunday onboard his Virgin Galactic spacecraft.