Ambulance (illustrative)
Ambulance (illustrative)iStock

A five-year-old girl died after she was hit by a moving bus Tuesday in the northern city of Tzfat.

The accident occurred as the girl crossed the street at a crosswalk, Israel Hayom noted.

Magen David Adom (MDA) paramedics provided the girl with medical treatment at the scene, and evacuated her in serious condition to the city's Ziv Medical Center, where doctors fought to stabalize her condition but were eventually forced to determine her death.

In a statement, MDA said: "During the morning hours, we received a report to the MDA 101 hotline. The girl was evacuated in serious and unstable condition, suffering multi-system injuries."

MDA emergency paramedic Haim Naveh said: "We arrived at the scene and we saw the girl lying on the road, a few meters from the bus. She was unconscious and suffering a very severe multi-system injury. We quickly provided her with advanced medical treatment at the scene, and we evacuated her in a mobile ICU to the hospital."

Israel Police detained the driver of the bus at the scene, and a traffic investigator arrived at the scene and began investigating the cause of the accident.