Rabbi Meir Mazuz
Rabbi Meir Mazuz צילום: אהרון קרון, פלאש 90

A senior haredi rabbi excoriated the national unity government over the weekend, calling for its elimination.

Rabbi Meir Mazuz, the dean of the Kisse Rahamim yeshiva and a leading halachic decisor for the Tunisian haredi community, called Sunday for the Bennett government to be “erased from the world”, and accused it of depriving the haredi sector of funding in order to benefit the Arab sector.

During the traditional lamentations recited during the Tisha B’Av fast Sunday, Rabbi Mazuz blasted planned government cuts to daycare and preschool subsidies for children of full-time yeshiva students, saying the move was meant to take food “from the mouths of religious school children in order to benefit the Arabs.”

Finance Minister Avidgor Liberman, who has proposed an end to the inclusion of yeshiva students in the list of occupations eligible for daycare and preschool subsidies, has argued that the cuts are part of a larger program to trim Israel’s massive deficit.

The coalition members, Rabbi Mazuz continued, “are the enemies of the Torah, the enemies of Torah scholars, the enemies of the Jewish people. They funnel money to the Arabs without end, while taking food away from religious children who are learning in Torah schools.”

The government’s “time will come, for all of them. They will be erased from the world.”