Residents of the central Israeli town of Kfar Chabad on Sunday night heard gunfire from the direction of the orchards near their town.

Israel Police arrived at the scene, and a helicopter called in to discern the source of the shooting found that it was coming from within the orchards. Local volunteers aided the police in their search efforts.

Within a short time, a suspicious vehicle was located, and a chase began, at the end of which an Arab suspect was caught.

The suspect's vehicle was found to contain a large amount of ammunition, as well as M-16s.

Moshe Gutman, who heads the volunteer organization, told COL that "after the gunfire towards Kfar Chabad, we called in volunteers and the police. We went towards the orchards and I noticed a suspicious vehicle, which we began to follow."

"Suddenly an Arab exited the vehicle, armed with a rifle and a gun, we blocked him and stopped him. We also located the M-16 which he had been shooting. The police arrived and arrested the suspect."

The vehicle and weapons were confiscated by Israel Police, and the suspect has been taken for questioning.

Israel Police has not yet publicized the motive for the shooting, but residents of Kfar Chabad believe that it is related to a gang of weapons dealers, who were conducting a "shooting test" before selling the weapons to criminals.

"In any case, we demand Israel Police increase patrols and enforcement in the area, so that the orchards do not turn into a no-man's land and do not endanger us the way things have been in Lod and other areas," a the source said.