איל כהן
איל כהןצילום: יח"צ

Singer and composer Eyal Cohen, known for his appearance on the television program 'The Voice' has recorded and released a new tune for one of the ancient songs of lament sung during the yearly fast of Tisha B'av He composed the melody, he says, when he was in India, exactly five years ago.

"Israelis came to pray before breaking the fast," he says. "I sat down at my piano and on the spot thought of a new tune for this song. The congregation picked it up immediately, and we truly poured out our hearts. I have remembered the tune since then, and this morning, at 4 AM, I finally recorded it. I hope that it can truly touch everyone's soul."

The song speaks of the eventual redemption of Zion, and the ways in which God will rebuild the Temple and Jerusalem, with the refrain 'And so to replace the mourners' of Zion's ashes with glory."