Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto
Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto Shuva Yisrael

Many people have heeded Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto's call to join an initiative to read the Book of Deuteronomy, which begins this week, each Shabbat (Jewish Sabbath).

This tradition is attributed to the Rokeach, as a meritorious act which brings its doer health, wealth, and success. This week, the Torat Yoshiyahu Institute, which offers free Books of Deuteronomy to anyone who requests, at any time of year, expanded its distribution around the world.

"The book of the holy Rokeach explains that the Book of Deuteronomy was written prophetically by Moses, 36 days prior to his death. In the Book, there are 955 verses, parallel to the 955 gates of Heaven, and each and every verse has the power to break open one gate," Rabbi Pinto explained.

He also expounded on this, explaining that sometimes a person prays and requests salvation from the Holy One, Blessed Be He, "but his gate is blocked, and the Book of Deuteronomy has the power to open all the gates and pave the road directly from the person to the Holy One, Blessed Be He."

"Therefore, a person who is careful to read the Book of Deuteronomy on Shabbat will merit to see success in everything he does, and salvation in all areas - health, livelihood, an appropriate spouse, children, marital harmony, and more."

Over the past year, several celebrities, including Manny Asayag, the creator of the popular "The Eighties" series, and actress Moran Eizenshtein, have spoken about how they adopted the tradition and "saw miracles."

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