Jewish graves
Jewish graves iStock:

An unknown group of individuals broke apart and knocked over multiple children’s headstones in the Jewish cemetery in Chemnitz, Germany.

The desecration to the historic section of the cemetery was discovered on Tuesday.

Cemetery administrators filed a formal complaint with authorities.

On Wednesday, local police went to the cemetery to investigate the vandalism.

“There are children's graves. We have filed a complaint. It is important to us not to swallow such anti-Semitic acts. They have to be made public and registered,” Ruth Röcher, chairwoman of the Jewish community in Chemnitz, told German newspaper Bild.

The StopAntisemitism Jewish advocacy organization tweeted a photo of the hate crime along with the caption, “Chemnitz, Germany - The gravestones of Jewish children have been destroyed.”

“We are a mere 80 years out from the onset of the Holocaust yet the hatred for Jews is still parasitic in Germany,” they wrote.

The desecration of Jewish cemeteries is an ongoing problem in Germany.

In July 2020, the Jewish community in Germany was shocked to learn that unknown individuals vandalized and desecrated dozens of gravestones in the ancient Jewish cemetery in the city of Worms, leaving many of the grave markers shattered.

Thousands of Jewish worshipers visit the Worms Jewish cemetery every year, considered one of the oldest in Europe. Among the desecrated tombs was also the tomb of the Maharam of Rothenburg who served as one of the chief Ashkenazi rabbis in the Middle Ages (1220-1293).

Last month, the chapel of a Jewish cemetery in Gelsenkirchen, Germany was vandalized by unknown assailants who damaged the window with rocks. The cemetery had been previously vandalized in 2019.