the attacked house in Lod
the attacked house in LodPolice spokesperson

The Shin Bet has arrested eight Israeli Arab citizens for throwing Molotov Cocktails at a Jewish house in Lod during riots in May.

The attack took place on the night of May 25. Five Molotov cocktails were thrown at a residential building in Lod. The attack damaged two apartments but caused no injuries.

The arrested terrorists tied together five Molotov Cocktails in order to make the resulting fire worse and cause more significant damage to property or life.

The arrested attackers include a minor, a teenager, and several men in their early 20s.

A Shin Bet source said that "this is a different attack in its characteristics from other attacks carried out during the riots in May 2021 - the attack was not carried out in the heat of the moment and spontaneously but was planned for long days and carried out about a week after the ceasefire in general and Lod in particular in order to re-ignite the violence, given the tense atmosphere in the city at that time."

"The attack was carried out after preliminary planning and through infrastructure characteristic of a local terrorist organization while conducting field patrols in order to select a suitable target and a quick escape route from the area, manufacture Molotov Cocktails, and use radios during the attack."