Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg meets Shimon Peres
Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg meets Shimon PeresFlash 90

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was subjected to a stream of anti-Semitic abuse on the social media site after posting a photo of his dog Beast wearing a kippah and a prayer shawl, both embroidered with the Star of David.

The photo of Beast was posted as one of a series of different poses, such as the dog jumping in the air, standing on a fire hydrant and wearing a superhero costume.

As of Thursday morning, the picture had received nearly 6,000 comments and nearly 7,000 shares. Many of the top comments were openly anti-Semitism, and others included Palestinian Authority flags and statements such as “Free Palestine.”

The photo of Beast received nearly 4,000 “likes” and over 2,400 “laughter” reactions.

But it also received over 7,300 “angry” reactions.

The other photos of Beast had no “angry” reactions.

“No one is safe from Jew-hatred. Not even Mark Zuckerberg‘s dog,” the American Jewish Committee (AJC) wrote on Twitter. “@Facebook‘s CEO posted a cute picture of his pet wrapped in a (Jewish) scarf and with a kippah on his head. He has since been inundated with anti-Semitic abuse.”

They added, “We must make sure social media platforms are free of hate.”

Beast is a Puli, a small to medium-sized breed of Hungarian herding and livestock guarding dog whose unique coat is full of thick cords.