Swastika graffiti
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An anti-Semitic symbol was spray painted onto the YWCA building in Alliance, Ohio.

The vandalism was discovered Tuesday morning by a local resident, said YWCA executive director Stacie Weimer, according to the Canton Repository.

The anti-Semitic graffiti consisted of a Star of David with a red circle and a slash through it.

It was painted on the north side of the building.

"This goes against everything that we fight for every day with the YWCA and our mission," Weimer told the Repository.

She said that the organization reported the graffiti to the police. She was told by law enforcement that other incidents of vandalism had also occurred in the city.

In a Facebook post, the YWCA said they were “saddened and outraged” that someone or a group of individuals had defaced their building with a hateful anti-Semitic message.

“This message was in form of vandalism spray painting on our historical building which has stood as a beacon of hope, love, and inclusion in the Alliance Community for 95 years. We were not the only place in the community targeted, many locations through out the downtown area were,” they wrote.

“We would like to join forces with those who wish to see this form of hate gone, and our community washed clean of these symbols of racism to come together and be able to unite against hate.”

They added, “Know the YWCA is ready to fight this hate with everything we have to make our community feel good about Alliance again.”

The post received many responses denouncing the hateful message.

Alliance resident Colleen Gantz stated that she had “noticed this symbol on few buildings today (and) wondered if we have a newly formed gang in our community.”

Several other users said that the same vandals had also defaced the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Viaduct. That graffiti was discovered around 10 a.m. on Tuesday morning, with police responding to a call, according to the Repository.

It included a similar Star of David with a slash through it along with the anti-Semitic phrase "Down with ZOG."

ZOG is a white supremacist acronym for "Zionist Occupied Government," according to the ADL.

Next to that an image of Martin Luther King was defaced with slashes over his eyes.

Officers were also investigating similar vandalism in the downtown area.

The sudden appearance of anti-Semitic and hate graffiti left residents wondering what was going on.

“How can this be the same town I loved for 50 years?” said Barbara Armitage in response to the YWCA’s Facebook post.