Donald Trump and Netanyahu
Donald Trump and Netanyahu Reuters

Former US Amb. to Israel David Friedman this week confirmed the report last week that Trump was disappointed with Netanyahu for congratulating Biden after networks called the election.

“We were at a time which was extremely sensitive, at a time when the president was of the view (and I guess he remains of the view) that the elections weren't fair, and I think he would have preferred that the prime minister hold his powder a little bit longer,” Friedman told Talkline with Zev Brenner.

Still, he said that "My view is that when the US recognizes a new president, the state of Israel really has no choice but to congratulate the president. That's how democracies work and the relationship between Israel and the United States is more important than any particular individual."

“Whatever the reaction may have been at the time, it's long gone and long disappeared,” he added.