The commander of the Northern Command, Major General Amir Baram, said that "We are preparing surprises for Hezbollah's 'surprises.' The next war will be complex for us but unbearable for them. "

It is estimated that the terrorist army has between 130-150 thousand rockets and missiles capable of hitting any point in Israel, at distances between 15 and 700 kilometers, at a rate of ten thousand launches a week.

In light of this, units in the armored and engineering corps have recently undergone the 'Northern Threshold' test to measure required preparedness for the next war in Lebanon.

The test, which lasts a week, was built to train young fighters and commanders who have not experienced combat and to best prepare for aggressive and deadly maneuvering in enemy territory.

A battalion that does not pass the test according to the set threshold is declared unfit for war and is required to continue training and perform the test again until succeeding.

39 out of 40 battalions have been tested and passed the exam. Battalion 51 started the test but was required to stop in the middle after being called to action during Operation Guardian of the Walls.

The commander of the 36th Division, Brigadier General Dan Neumann, stated unequivocally: "The fire from the air will be powerful in the first hours of the fighting. But in order to defeat the enemy at the operational stage, we will need ground maneuvering. "

The IDF today unveiled a Hezbollah target to prove that the organization uses civilian assets for military activity - this is one of the thousands of targets in the Northern Command that is to be attacked in the next Lebanon war.

The IDF pointed to a weapons storehouse established in the heart of Kfar Abba, the capital of the Nabatieh district- about 25 meters from the official school of Kfar Abba. The proximity of Hezbollah's weapons to the school endangers more than 300 innocent students. Like this target, there are thousands of similar Hezbollah targets that endanger the citizens of Lebanon and which are targeted by the IDF.

Baram warned Hezbollah: In the next campaign, you will meet a trained, deadly army that is more determined than ever."

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