MK Michael Malkieli
MK Michael Malkieli Hezki Baruch

MK Michael Malkieli (Shas) on Wednesday morning warned that if the number of new coronavirus infections in the haredi community rises, there may be a community-specific lockdown.

Noting the fact that most of the new cases are not in the haredi community, Malkieli told Kol Hai Radio: "I have a feeling that if, G-d forbid, the number of confirmed cases in the haredi community rises, we will see something very interesting: The haredi public will have infected, retroactively, all of the non-haredim [infected] in the current wave."

"Suddenly you will see that there will be lockdowns in specific places, in haredi areas."

When asked if there would be a lockdown over the holidays, Malkieli said he "very much hopes not, but I have a feeling that there will be."

Regarding whether the coronavirus guidelines must be followed, he said: "We have always said that we are law-abiding, that we don't push the boundaries of the law. We never, other than when there are special calls from the sages of Israel, call to disobey the law."

"The previous lockdowns taught us that when there are police officers without the public, or the public without the police, the guidelines cannot be enforced and we cannot beat coronavirus. I more than estimate that the more the State issues more illogical guidelines, the public - and it doesn't matter which public - will find it very hard to cooperate with it."

Regarding the decision to cease providing daycare subsidies to families in which the father does not work, Malkieli said the responsibility rests entirely on the shoulders of Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

"We place the responsibility on Bennett as well," he said. "He formed this government, he knew what he was heading towards. He lied to everyone when he said that he would veto religious issues. But you need to understand, this person lacks all authority. He is the Prime Minister only in that he travels in an entourage and sits at the head of the table at government meetings. They gave him no authority."