The terrorist who tried to infiltrate into Yitzhar
The terrorist who tried to infiltrate into Yitzhar צילום: דוברות יצהר

An Arab terrorist attempted to infiltrate into the Israeli town of Yitzhar in Samaria Wednesday morning.

The terrorist, armed with a knife, attempted to infiltrate into Yitzhar from the Palestinian Authority-controlled town of Madama.

During the attempted infiltration, the terrorist was intercepted by a unit of IDF soldiers.

The terrorist attempted to stab the soldiers, but was shot in the legs and neutralized before being arrested.

One soldier was lightly injured in his ankle during the incident, and was evacuated to an Israeli hospital for treatment.

This is not the first time the terrorist has been taken into custody for attacks on Israeli targets. The terrorist was released from an Israeli prison several months ago following a series of attacks on Israeli security personnel and the chief of security for Yitzhar.

The terrorist was released after claiming that he was not fit to stand trial for his crimes.

During Wednesday’s abortive attack, a number of other Arabs from Madama approached Yitzhar, but were held by IDF soldiers, who prevented them from reaching Yitzhar and ultimately force them to return to Madama.

A spokesperson for Yitzhar said the repeated attacks by the terrorist in question highlighted a serious problem with the justice system.

“This amounts to judicial abandonment of the town. It is outrageous that a known terrorist can try time and time again to infiltrate the town, yet gets released for legalistic reasons. We demand that he be punished to the full extent of the law, and under no circumstances should he be allowed back out to endanger the town again.”

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