United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ambassador to Israel Mohamed Al Khaja on Wednesday morning spoke at the opening ceremony of the UAE Embassy in Tel Aviv.

"I would like to thank the government of Israel, the city of Tel Aviv, and all the people in Israel who have helped with this," he said.

"Ten months ago, our two countries signed the Abraham Accords, with a vision to pursue peace, security, and prosperity."

"Today's official opening of the new embassy is a key part of that vision. This embassy will serve not just as a home for diplomats, but a base for our task of continuing to build in our new partnership....to build a new kind of peace and provide a model for new narrative and approach for conflict resolution in the Middle East."


Israeli President Yitzhak Herzog said: "The opening of this embassy is an important milestone in our shared journey towards a future of peace, prosperity, and security for the Middle East."

He added: "While seeing the Emirati flag flying proudly in Tel Aviv might've seemed like a far-fetched dream just about a year ago, in many ways nothing could be more natural and normal. So many Israelis and Emiratis have discovered our countries of people share a great deal."

"We are both nations that cherish our history and traditions, while pushing the very boundaries of innovation and science. We are deeply rooted in our land while having our eyes on the stars.

"We made the possible impossible. We have both created vibrant, multicultural societies through an unwavering commitment to religious freedom and human dignity."

"The peace between our nations will benefit both our peoples," Herzog emphasized. "Our peace agreement will save lives, will help humanity, will help the region, will develop food, water, medicine, for the benefit of humankind."

Herzog concluded: "I'd like to commend the UAE leadership for its courageous decision to open the door to a warm friendship between our peoples. It is not only an important step for Israel and the United Arab Emirates, but for the entire Middle East."

Dorian Barak, co-founder of the UAE-Israel Business Council, said: "The opening of the UAE Embassy is an important milestone in the development of economic ties between the countries. Beyond its symbolic importance as an outpost of the UAE here in Tel Aviv, embassies are critical to bilateral trade as they assist with document authentication, regulatory submissions and other administrative matters that underpin international trade. For businesspeople this is must-have for commercial ties to thrive."