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A British Jewish actor and filmmaker was the subject of anti-Semitic harassment during a soccer match in London Monday.

Jolyon Rubinstein tweeted Monday night that during the Euro finals between England and Italy at Wembley Stadium in London, he was harangued by fellow spectators.

Rubinstein said he was singled out due to his jersey, which bore his last name, “Rubinstein”, on the back.

A group of half a dozen middle-aged men said “he’s a Jew”, and asked Rubinstein whether he was English.

“I was racially abused last night as I was entering Wembley stadium. My shirt has Rubinstein on the back. I took my coat off & immediately: ‘Are you even from this country’ & ‘he’s a Jew’ followed by laughs & jeers by a group of 6 men in their 50’s.”

“I told them that my Granddad fought the Nazi’s. They laughed. My message to them is that you will never win. That this team represents unity & diversity. You are the past. You’re dying out.”

Monday’s game was also noted for the torrent of racial epithets aimed at the black players on England’s team, following its defeat at the hands of the Italian team.

Three players, Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho, and Bukayo Saka, were all targeted in a wave of racially abusive social media comments singling them out for the team’s defeat.

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