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BlueGreen Water Technologies, Ltd. ("BlueGreen"), a global watertech company that provides innovative solutions to toxic algae blooms, has been named the Global Water Awards “2021 Breakthrough Technology Company of the Year” by Global Water Intelligence (GWI).

BlueGreen was selected as the early-stage technology company which has made the most impressive commercial breakthrough into the global water technology market for its groundbreaking solution to treat cyanobacteria blooms in bodies of water regardless of location, size, or shape.

BlueGreen has transformed cyanobacteria treatment methodology with the use of its patented product formulations, Lake Guard™️ Blue and the Lake Guard™️ Oxy, which float along the surface of the infected body of water to ignite a ‘suicide response’ within the toxic algal species. The bloom dissipates within hours, without causing harm to the aquatic ecosystem’s flora or fauna. With thousands of commercial applications in four continents and proprietary satellites technology in use, BlueGreen operates on a global scale to track toxic blue-green algae blooms and then treats them to counteract and rehabilitate the infected water source.

“We are extremely proud that our technology is enabling life by making water safe again,” said Dr. Moshe Harel, Founder, Inventor and CSO at BlueGreen. “It is an honor to be selected as the Breakthrough Technology Company of the Year and to be recognized for the groundbreaking work and commitment to enable people access to clean water everywhere every day.”

“Cyanobacterial blooms continue to increase in both frequency and severity from season to season around the world, endangering both humans and animals,” said Prof. Aaron Kaplan, Chairman of BlueGreen’s Scientific Board. “BlueGreen’s outstanding impact on the aquatic environment supports the global collective effort to rehabilitate the environment and follows the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG) to protect the planet.”

The Nominees for the Global Water Awards are evaluated by a panel of independent experts who shortlist the entries and compile them into award categories.

“The water industry is essential in helping protect people around the world, despite the lack of resources, extreme lockdown curfews and financial difficulties,” said GWI Publisher Christopher Gasson. “Across the industry, all winners worked hard to ensure the public’s access to water, while also pushing forward to complete major projects, finalize deals, and innovate and accelerate in all areas of business. Now more than ever, it is essential that we recognize these achievements.”

BlueGreen completed its treatment of Chippewa Lake (330 acres, 1.3 km2), the largest inland natural lake in Ohio, in August 2019. The treatment broke five years of high toxicity levels in the lake, which remains free of toxic algae ever since. The company has also had global success in Nanhu Lake in Yueyang, China, (12 km2), and both Roodeplaat Dam (2020) and Setumo Dam (2021) in South Africa.

The State of Florida recently retained the company to remediate harmful algal blooms in Lake Minnela (2,000 acres, 8 km2). It was also called by Florida’s DEP for emergency deployments, designed to prevent cyanobacteria buildup and its proliferation from Lake Okeechobee through the C-44 21 miles’ long canal into Florida’s waterways (Oct. 2020|), as well in the C-43 80 miles’ Canal (June 2021).

BlueGreen Water Technologies’ products are US EPA-approved and NSF/ANSI/CAN 60 certified for treatment in drinking water.