Benjamin Netanyahu
Benjamin NetanyahuHezki Baruch

Opposition leader and Likud chairman Benjamin Netanyahu today (Monday) attacked Prime Minister Naftali Bennett over his agreement to the demands of the United Arab List (Ra'am) party and its chairman, MK Mansour Abbas.

At the beginning of the Likud faction's meeting, Netanyahu said: "Yesterday afternoon, Ra'am issued another ultimatum to Bennett - they demanded that the powers over the Negev matter be transferred to the Ministry of Welfare, so that Ra'am would actually control this issue."

"If Bennett does not give in - Ra'am will not vote with the government. Within three hours, Bennett surrendered to the ultimatum and sold the Negev to Abbas. Bennett did not insist, did not fight, he did not even negotiate as he ostensibly does from time to time," he added.

Netanyahu asked: "What will Bennett sell next time Abbas threatens him, or when Tibi or Odeh threaten him, or both? What will Bennett give up then? The simple truth is Bennett has only six seats as prime minister. In such a reality, every anti-Zionist MK in the government is the de facto prime minister."

''Bennett will have to continue to submit to any dictates of the Arab and post-Zionist parties in order to remain in power. When Mansour Abbas demanded NIS 50 billion, Bennett surrendered. If Mansour Abbas demands a halt to the demolition of illegal structures, Bennett has already surrendered.

"If Mansour Abbas Abbas tells Bennett to stand on one leg, clap his hands and put his hands on his head - Bennett will do it," Netanyahu said.

''Bennett met with King Abdullah a week and a half ago. It is very important. But there he apparently did not realize that when he gives him water, Abdullah at the same time gives oil to Iran. Abdullah has unfortunately agreed to move an Iran-controlled oil pipeline from Iran through Jordan - to Egypt - thus giving Iran enormous economic power to develop its economy and especially its nuclear program, its occupation program and its terrorist acts," he added.

''Apparently the excitement ahead of the meeting did not make it clear to him that he should demand the opposite. The policies of the Arab states have also changed as a result of a weak government alignment that does not stand up to Iran's nuclear program, which tells the United States' there will be no 'surprises' in our operations, everyone understands that.

"Therefore, it is no wonder that Oman is also moving in the direction of Iran and has announced that it is canceling the normalization proceedings with Israel. I remind you that I have been at an official meeting with the previous Sultan there in recent years. Now everything is moving in the other direction, because of this weakness.

Netanyahu continued: "The weakness is far-reaching, the strength is near. This is a weak government that unfortunately cancels out many of our achievements and therefore this is another reason to overthrow it. Members of the opposition, we will continue to work together united and strong, until we overthrow this evil government - and soon."