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Syracuse University is investigating after Jewish students were approached on Saturday night by a silver SUV whose occupants threw an egg at one of them while yelling anti-Semitic insults.

According to a bias incident report, the assault occurred on campus shortly before 1 a.m. No further information was known about the occupants of the SUV or the make, model or license plate number.

“Although we have no way of knowing just yet whether the perpetrators are affiliated with our university, one thing is certain, this kind of hate is not welcome in our community. We appreciate the students reporting this incident right away as it gives us a better chance of identifying those responsible,” said Syracuse University Department of Public Safety (DPS) Chief Bobby Maldonado.

After being informed of the incident, DPS launched an investigation. They met with the students to gather information, performed a search of the area, and reviewed camera footage from the scene. They also informed the victims about campus resources available to support impacted individuals.

In late March, Syracuse University’s Student Association unanimously passed a resolution adopting the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) working definition of anti-Semitism.

A resolution was initially put forward in February but was withdrawn due to a section that denounced the BDS movement, which was removed in the current iteration.

According to campus newspaper The Daily Orange, besides adopting the IHRA definition the resolution also denounced discrimination and violence toward Jews on campus.

It listed “actionable steps” for university members to use to learn about anti-Semitism. One step was a “Stop BIAS” course taught by Syracuse Hillel.