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Passengers on a recent flight to Miami, Florida were ordered to raise their hands and keep them on their heads for roughly an hour prior to landing, due to a possible threat to security, witnesses reported.

All passengers on last Wednesday’s American Airlines Flight 2289 from Los Angeles to Miami were instructed by the flight crew to keep their hands on their hands and not to film the incident with their cameras, passengers said.

“Passengers were ordered to put their hands on their heads for 45-60 minutes before landing,” one passenger, Chris Nguyen, tweeted. “Strangely, passengers were repeatedly told not to film on the plane.”

The flight crew did not elaborate on the reasons for the unusual instructions, merely saying there was a “possible security threat”.

After the plane landed, armed police officers boarded the aircraft and made an arrest.

In a statement to The Independent, American Airlines confirmed the incident, but declined to specify the nature of the security threat.

“On July 7, American Airlines flight 2289, a Boeing 777-300 operating from Los Angeles (LAX) to Miami (MIA), was met by law enforcement upon landing at MIA due to a possible security threat on board.”

“Passengers were deplaned and bused to the terminal, and the aircraft was inspected by authorities. Safety and security is our top priority and we apologize to our customers for any inconvenience this caused.”