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Kamala Harris Biden-Harris team

Politico quoted 22 current and former employees in U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris' office, alleging a "particularly difficult work environment."

According to them, issues include disregard for ideas or complaints they have raised, unpleasant dismissals, a lack of decision-making, and a harsh attitude on the part of the vice president's chief of staff.

In anonymous interviews published by Politico, many of Harris' employees blamed the Vice President's team leader, Tina Flournoy, for her "rigid and arrogant attitude," alleging they have not received appropriate answers from Harris.

Most of the disgruntled employees, some still serving in the vice president's office with others having been dismissed in recent weeks, complained of a "lack of communication and mistrust" between themselves and the ministry's management, which has led to a "tense and rigid work environment."

According to these allegations, Flournoy, "restricts access to the vice president and has led to a managerial culture in which ideas are ignored, sharply rejected, and decisions either fail to be made or are dragged out over time."

Some of the interviewees blamed Harris herself for the harsh and humiliating treatment they have received. "People are fired from the highest positions. This is not a healthy work environment and workers are often treated inappropriately. It is not a place where we feel supported, but one where we feel like we're being treated like trash," said an anonymous source.

Allegations quoted in the story were vehemently denied by Harris' senior advisor Symone Sanders, who claimed that, "we have created a culture where if anyone has something they would like to bring up, they can always do so directly [with VP Harris]."

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki also denied the allegations against Harris. "I try not to talk or engage in anonymous reports or sources," she told reporters. "I'm just saying that the Vice President is a very important partner to the President. She has a challenging and difficult job, and a great and supportive team around her."

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