An Arab activist from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in east Jerusalem who was involved in multiple attacks on local Jews has been summoned for a hearing by his employer, an Israeli supermarket chain, after he was identified on social media.

Salah Diab, a resident of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, was summoned for a hearing by the ‘Mega’ supermarket chain, one of the largest food retailers in Israel, after it was revealed that he was involved in violent riots in the capital in May.

Diab was filmed hurling rocks at Jews in the Shimon Hatzaddik enclave within Sheikh Jarrah during riots which broke out in May, coinciding with renewed fighting between Israel and the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza.

While supporters have dubbed Diab a leader of the ‘protest movement’ in Sheikh Jarrah against the impending eviction of illegal Arab squatters residing on Jewish-owned property, the Honenu legal defense organization named Diab as one of the key instigators of violent attacks on local Jews.

Following public pressure, Mega recently summoned Diab for a hearing over his involvement in the recent riots. Diab is currently employed at the ‘Mega Ba’Ir’ branch in Jerusalem’s Beit HaKerem neighborhood, where he is manager of the baked goods section.

In a statement released Sunday, Mega’s parent company, Yenot Beitan, said: “The worker in question was on sick leave, beginning the fourth of May, but decided to take part in the riots. He returned from sick leave today and was summoned for a hearing regarding the issue of violations of company values, hurting the company’s reputation, involvement in riots and violence during his sick leave.”

In 2010, Diab was arrested for attacking local Jews. He was later convicted and served five months in prison.