MK Itamar Ben Gvir
MK Itamar Ben GvirYoni Kempinski

The head of the Otzma Yehudit party, MK Itamar Ben Gvir, has castigated the government for its dependence on anti-Zionist elements, pointing to recent developments that illustrate the dangers of that dependence.

The coalition under Prime Minister Naftali Bennett currently has just 61 MKs, which include the four MKs of the United Arab List (UAL) who give the government its slim one-seat majority. Earlier today, UAL MK Walid Taha said that his party would not be participating either in Knesset votes or in Knesset committee discussions "until further notice," and his fellow party member MK Mazen Ghanaim stated that the UAL would "dismantle the coalition" if the government ever attacked Gaza.

"The announcement by terrorism supporter Mazen Ghanaim that he will topple the government is yet another proof that Bennett and Lapid do not have a legitimate mandate from the Jewish people," Ben Gvir said. "We warned about this, and now it's happening. Bennett and Lapid are being held hostage by the Muslim Brotherhood which is spitting in the face of the Jewish People. Establishing a government that is dependent on supporters of terrorism yet again reveals the historic error committed by Bennett and Lapid in the legitimatization they gave to those supporters of terrorism.

"Bennett and Lapid have set up a government that has a black flag waving over its head," Ben Gvir continued, "and now we understand why it is that even though the south of the country is burning, the government is not striking Gaza with any seriousness. Why? Because Mansour Abbas doesn't permit it."