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Iran’s exiled Prince Reza Pahlavi met with 50 American Jewish organization on July 8 to appeal for help in exerting increased pressure on the Iranian regime and also for support in backing the protest movement.

Pahlavi appeared at a meeting of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations (CoP). The group had invited him to speak amid growing unease in the United States and Israel over President Joe Biden’s stated intent to return to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, including lifting sanctions, reported Iran International, a television station based in London, UK.

The speech in front of the CoP audience was considered a first for Iran’s opposition movement seeking to topple the Islamic theocracy that rules Iran.

A source said in an interview with Iran International that “Prince Reza Pahlavi asked all the groups present to use their influence in Washington to continue to exert pressure on the Islamic Republic and to show maximum support for the Iranian people.”

Pahlavi’s speech called for support for thousands of workers current on strike in Iran, mostly in the energy sectors.

He also spoke about the ties between Persians and Jews dating back 2,500 years and the fact that it was Persian King Cyrus the Great who ended the Babylonian captivity of the Jews.

He stated that Iran could once again have friendly relations with Israel and other Middle East nations if the ruling theocracy was overthrown.

This week, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett ordered a review of Israel’s policies on Iran ahead of his first meeting with US President Joe Biden later this month, Axios reported.