Starbucksצילום: ISTOCK

A Palestinian flag calling for solidarity posted in a Starbucks store in Hamilton, Ontario has been removed by the company after customer complaints, reported the Canadian Jewish News.

The Palestinian flag, drawn in chalk, along with a message that said “We’ve come along (sic) way but there’s still work to be done. We stand in solidarity as allies” was displayed on the counter.

Customer Leo Herman had gone to the store for lunch. After seeing the sign, he left without buying anything.

He told the Jewish News that he did not want to make a scene but instead took a picture and shared it on Facebook. He also tweeted it to Starbucks Canada “asking if it was an acceptable political message for their store.”

A few hours later, over 500 people had left comments on Herman’s post expressing disbelief and outrage. There were a few calls to boycott Starbucks.

Starbucks Canada, in a statement to the Jewish News, said that the Palestinian flag has been removed from the store.

They said they were taking the matter seriously.

“We want everyone, both our partners and customers, to have a warm, welcoming and safe experience in our stores. In cases where that doesn’t happen, we work to address it,” they said.