As the former chairman of the Jewish Agency, President Isaac Herzog will bring a deep understanding of Diaspora Jewry and olim to his new position, something that former MK Rabbi Dov Lipman is extremely enthusiastic about.

“Herzog has a real understanding and sensitivity to Diaspora Jewry and the needs of the new olim,” Rabbi Lipman said in an exclusive interview with Arutz Sheva.

He recently met with members of the Jewish Agency who praised Herzog’s tenure there as chairman, saying he had a skilled understanding of the needs of the organization and also enacted positive changes.

“I”m personally extremely excited and anticipating really positive changes” during Herzog’s term as president, Rabbi Lipman said.

He is looking forward to Herzog working on issues for new olim. “To have a president in Israel who is a partner in that process has tremendous potential for olim,” he said.

Rabbi Lipman is heavily involved personally in the arena of helping olim settle in Israel. A few weeks ago he created a new organization, Yad L’Olim, that is working to help new arrivals to Israel navigate the pandemic-era entry rules which are very confusing.

“Along the way, we discovered there are many other needs people have as well,” he said, including helping olim navigate the bureaucracy.

He spends several days a week at the Knesset working to make improvement to legislation on the topic of making settling in Israel much easier for olim and to “open the doors for more olim to come.”

“Once they’re here… (if it’s) smoother that will inspire many more to come,” he said.

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