Babek Yitzhaki
Babek Yitzhaki Arutz Sheva

Iranian-born journalist Babek Yitzhaki covered the inauguration of Israeli President Isaac Herzog for Iran International Wednesday.

Yitzhaki explained his organization to Arutz Sheva: "Our channel is independent and broadcasts news content from London 24 hours a day with 22 reporters all over the world. Our target audience is 80 million Iranians and also Persian speakers all over the world. We broadcast the real, uncensored news into Iran. The Iranian government is boycotting us and our workers in London, they cannot return to Iran."

He explained how Iran International is able to broadcast in Iran despite its being banned by the Ayatollah's regime. "We are currently broadcasting through 15 satellites within Iran at the same time. If we close one, the other works so it is very difficult to stop our broadcasts."

He said the Iranians wanted to know the truth - not filtered through the regime's censors. "Inside Iran it is very difficult to express your position and go through the Iranian censorship as a journalist. People who turn on the television prefer to hear the truth, the voices we bring from Iran. If for the first time we are in the Knesset to see the turnover of the president, that's very significant."

Yitzhaki was asked whether the events in Israel are really of interest to the Iranian people. "Every move in Iran interests us. I am constantly interviewed about what is happening in Tehran. For the people of Iran, Israel is a mystery and they are very interested in Israel. It is impossible to call Israel or talk to Israelis. I stand and tell them about what is happening here - religious and secular issues, the failure to form a government for two years, and about democracy."

Yitzhaki believes that the people of Iran do not hate Israel. "In my opinion, the regime mainly hates us. We have an Instagram channel with seven million followers. I have now included an article about Operation Entebbe. There have been many supportive comments that expressed appreciation for Israel. I believe most people do not hate Israel."