Avi Dichter
Avi DichterAdina Welman, Knesset spokesperson

MK Avi Dichter of the Likud explained on Tuesday on his Facebook account why he voted against the Citizenship Law, even though he had been previously heard talking about the importance of supporting it.

"In recent days, I have worked extensively with the Likud and the opposition members to explain to them the significance of voting down the Citizenship Law and the expected damage to national security. After it was made clear to us that the coalition had signed agreements with supporters of terrorism, agreements that would give a status in Israel to thousands of Palestinians (3,000 families) and after Prime Minister Bennett announced that the vote would be considered a vote of confidence in the government - I voted with Likud members against the government," Dichter wrote.

He added, "On the Knesset table is the Basic Immigration Bill that will provide an effective solution to the Palestinians' attempt to exercise the 'right of return' on the back door of family reunification."

"If the government does seek to maintain state security, I call on it, as I have repeatedly said in recent days, to join forces in this matter and advance in the coming days the Basic Immigration Bill, for state security and the preservation of its Jewish character," Dichter concluded.